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BBC Ultra Programs

Most Popular

Get everything for prep - online videos, practice questions, books, online flash cards, online study materials, images bank (with explanations), slidepoints (very visual powerpoints), and pre- and post-course assessments, ALL driven by an online interactive study plan

BBC Elite Programs

Most Rigorous

Get everything the Ultra program provides, PLUS live streaming lectures. The videos are discipline and organ system based, while the live streaming lectures are purely problem-based - same material, but from an entirely different perspective

The BBC Advantage

You have an advantage with BBC because our programs make sure you spend more time on the things that are worth more  - so the study plan is a strategic plan, taking you step by step through the prep process to make sure your review is thorough and and that your time is balanced for COMLEX scoring.

No need to worry about how much time to spend on things - the study plan (strategic plan) takes care of that for you, PLUS you get tons of re-reviews through built-in spaced repetition, re-exposure exercises, quick hit flash cards, and much much more!

The result is high pass rates!

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