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About Us

About Boards Boot Camp

Boards Boot Camp is currently the highest rated boards prep program in the country, with a record of pass rates and scores that ranks top in the nation.

Boards Boot Camp is the only boards prep firm developed exclusively for DO students, for COMLEX and USMLE prep - and is the only boards prep program founded by and run by osteopathic physicians, people who have taken the same path as you.

Historically, Boards Boot Camp has had many "firsts"  - BBC offered the first exclusively COMLEX-based Qbank in the nation, prior to any of the other Qbanks from others available today. BBC developed and provided the first online boards prep videos in the nation, and has been the first and remains the only boards prep firm who commits so many resources to studying boards outcomes, statistical trends, and industry updates and changes, all to ensure students have the best chance at meeting with success on boards - AND have the most current materials and info by which to do that.

BBC is unique in many ways - one critical way is that all materials and services are updated annually (and more frequently if a major boards-related change in format or content occurs), so you can be assured you are not getting the same re-hashed material from last year - but rather materials and services that have been determined to be appropriate and consistent with THIS season's requirements and medical standards.

Providing you with the best faculty and staff for the best care and scores

Dr Lori A Dolinski, MSc, PhD, DO
Dr Keith Williams
Dr Charles Buck

Our faculty and medical education experts are here to serve you. We could not do this without our great customer service, shipping, and IT folks, as well!  Dr Lori A Dolinski, MSc, PhD, DO, Founder and National Director, leads this great team. Many thanks to Dr Charles Buck and Dr Jane Harding, as well as Clark, Harry, Liam, Ann, Andy, Jason, Doug, Eldy, and so many others - including the Boards Boot Camp mascot emeritus, Mork (Irish Setter).

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