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Boards Boot Camp LEVEL 3 Ultra Program

What it features:

99% pass rates

For those who complete entire program and do it as designed

Evidence-based Methods

BBC relies 100% on evidence-based boards prep methods and protocols - no "opinion" or subjectivity involved

Efficient Study

Time spent on each topic is balanced and proportional to its value on boards

Lots of practice

Via thousands of questions plus electronic flash cards and other review opportunities

Spaced Repetition & Re-Exposure Methods

Built right into the program to max out learning and retention

Easy Access

The study plan is online with the study modules/assignments integrated right into it - right there at your fingertips

Online Study Plan

An interactive strategic plan that presents all program components in a specific order, for a specific time, so there is no guess work about what to study, when to study it, or how long to study it - the study plan takes care of all of that for you. 

What you get:

>2000 questions

Pre-Course Diagnostic Exam

>150 Online videos

Post-Course Diagnostic Exam (PCDE)

Use to determine level of readiness before boards

Books & Study Materials

Personalized Schedule

Online Image Modules

Image modules with identification, labels and necessary explanation

Personalized Support and Guidance

(on request)

Have a question? Send us a message.

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  • Mobile friendly - use it on your PC or laptop, or on your tablet or phone!

  • Complete it in 4.5-8 weeks (if off) or longer; can also be done while on rotations

  • Get your welcome email with login credentials within 24 hours of registration, and start right away!

  • 6 month subscription that can be extended (with fee) for up to one year


(several discounts opportunities exist - contact us today to see if you qualify)

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