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Level 3 Programs:

For Effective Comprehensive Level 3 Prep

  • >99% pass rates

  • Methodical and organized

  • No need to worry about what to study, when to study it, or how much time to spend on it - the interactive study plan takes care of all of that for you

  • All-inclusive - includes everything one would need for boards prep, so no need to buy more (questions, lectures, books, images, study materials)

  • 6 month access, with option (fee) to extend subscription up to one year from registration date

  • >2000 practice questions

  • Discipline- and organ systems-based online video lectures

  • Study Plan designed with built-in schedule to keep you on task

  • Assessment exam towards end which is incredibly accurate in predicting pass fail outcomes (so you can plan accordingly)

  • Plenty of support for study skills, test taking skills, question execution skills, test anxiety, ADHD challenges, boards prep during residency challenges, and more, on request with our team (and in the study plan)

The BBC Advantage

You have an advantage with BBC because our programs make sure you spend more time on the things that are worth more  - so the study plan is a strategic plan, taking you step by step through the prep process to make sure your review is thorough and and that your time is balanced for COMLEX scoring.

No need to worry about how much time to spend on things - the study plan (strategic plan) takes care of that for you, PLUS you get tons of re-reviews through built-in spaced repetition, re-exposure exercises, quick hit flash cards, and much much more!

The result is high pass rates!

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